"Aviation Processing Center" LLC ("Aerogeoinformatika") is an engineering company, a Ukrainian leader in the area of collecting, processing and provision of geospatial data. It fulfills all kinds of remote earth probing (digital aerial photography, laser scanning, radar-location, hyperspectral and multispectral photography, airborne geophysical photography, echolocation, etc.) The company also provides space imagery, fulfills topographic and geodesic works, as well as produces all kinds of cartography materials of the entire scale range, creates databases and geoinformational systems (GIS) and rendersthe required GIS services to clients.

The company works in Ukraine and abroad (the only Ukrainian company working in Europe).

A successor to the aerial photography aviation squadron of "Kiev United Aviation Troop" (one of the 5 main civil aerial photography enterprises of the USSR), the company has inherited its experience, traditions and professionalism. In recent years, it adopted cutting-edge technologies (in most cases unique in Ukraine), became a leader in Ukraine and received recognition abroad. Clients’ needs are solved with the use of technologies that provide for utmost accuracy within the shortest terms and minimal costs. 

KLS specialists provided translation services for several aerial photography tenders outside Ukraine.