Translation to and from Arabic

A thousand and one story told Shahrazad to her husband, and for a thousand and one night couldn’t he find strength to put her to death…Every child knows and likes this story. But what if you don’t have so much time (about 2 years and 7 months, to be exact)? If your partners are form UAE and you literally speak different languages?

Then your way leads to KLS language service. We offer high quality translation from and into Arabic in Kiev and Ukraine. Don’t waste time. This problem is too difficult for some companies, while for our translators Arabic is just an ordinary language to work with. Every one of them is a qualified professional with a degree in linguistics and often having another education, so that even technical translation into Arabic couldn’t become a problem for you.

Our services include:

  • Translation of documents from Russian into Arabic and vice versa;
  • Notary certified translation;
  • Oral simultaneous and consecutive translation;
  • Translation of websites;
  • Translator service for business meetings in Kiev and Arabic countries.

Translating texts into Arabic is a very difficult and time consuming process, which requires genuine understanding of Arabic culture and mentality. That’s why we work only with specialists who know realities as well as century old traditions of Arabic countries. This can secure our customers from mistakes in translations.

The cost of our service gives a great possibility to get excellent quality at reasonable price.