Translation to and from Bulgarian

Everyone knows, that the Bulgarians mean “yes”, if they nod “no” and vice versa. Taking into a count the fact that Bulgarian belongs to the Slavic group of languages a lot of words sound alike. It should be also mentioned, that lexically the Bulgarian language relates to Old Church Slavonic, that’s why many lexical items have the archaic form. Bulgarian language is close to ours, but it has some specific grammar peculiarities. But for us it is not a problem, because Translation agency “Kiev Language Services ” performs the translations from and into Bulgarian.

Our Translation agency can offer you the following services:

  • Translation of the documents into Bulgarian and in reverse order
  • Interpretation from/into Bulgarian
  • Translation of websites from/into Bulgarian
  • Bulgarian translator accompaniment in Kiev and Ukraine during the excursions and business-trips
  • Bulgarian translator accompaniment in Bulgaria

Our translators and interpreters have an extensive experience, so you can entrust us the translations of any complexity without hesitation. We can guarantee the quality of even complicated medical, technical, constructive texts, not to mention about the standard documents. You can always contact us and we will provide you with the translations of high quality, made in time.