Translation to and from Chinese

I do not bother if people don’t understand me.
I’m bothered if I can’t understand them. 

We probably shouldn’t fully agree with Confucius and his wisdom, as while a philosopher can afford being misunderstood, a man of business does not have this luxury. Especially, when his partners are from abroad. And that’s why we exist.

KLS translation bureau has been working for many years and with thousands of customers. Our range of languages is very impressive, and Chinese has its deserved place among them. Fast growth of Chinese economy as well as spreading of contacts with eastern countries are two reasons why Chinese is becoming more and more popular. However, not everybody have such a long and successful history as we do. Our bureau has been working with Chinese for years and that’s why qualification and expertise of our specialists leave no room for hesitating. 

Our services include:

  • Translation of documents from and into Chinese;
  • Notary certified translation;
  • Oral translation (simultaneous and consecutive);
  • Translation of websites into and from Chinese;
  • translation for your business meetings in Ukraine and China.

If you still have doubts, order a free test translation at our bureau. You will see everything yourself. Translation into Chinese (as well as from Chinese) is our job and we are ready to do it as good as possible. Even technical translation won’t be your problem. Cost of our service is not higher than average. Moreover, at KLS language service a price is a guarantee of quality and timely fulfillment.