Translation to and from Croatian

Croatian is the official language of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It belongs to the Slavic group of the Indo-European language family and is spoken by around 6.2 million people. Croatian is very similar to Ukrainian, as they both have Slavic origins. Most likely, a Ukrainian and a Croatian would understand each other in a non-formal environment. However, if you happen to be in need of professional interpreting services, KLS translation agency will be ready to help.

Our services include:

  • Translation of documents from/into Croatian
  • Notarizing of translated documents
  • Interpreting from/into Croatian (consecutive and simultaneous)
  • Translation of websites from/into Croatian
  • Services of a Croatian interpreter that will accompany you in Kiev and all over Ukraine during business trips and vacations
  • Services of a Croatian interpreter in Croatia

 KLS translation agency is ready to provide you with translation and interpreting from Ukrainian and Russian into Croatian and vice versa. Our specialists have the necessary education and diplomas of certified translators. Moreover, the part of them are native speakers, which enables us to push the quality of interpreting to an entirely new level and provide our clients with only the best.