Translation to and from Danish

The first association undoubtedly appearing in our mind when we hear “Denmark” is Vikings with their non incomprehensible language, which is hard to be understood not to say about to learn it.

Of course, the major part of Danish people can speak such broaden languages as English or German, but Danish is the only one official language. The basic state documentary is written exactly in this language. Besides, it is spoken in the Netherlands and Germany.

It should be mentioned that today’s Denmark is one of the most developed Scandinavian countries in the world. It is modern and prosperous state taking part in the European political and economic integration. Every year new Danish companies conquer the Ukrainian market establishing here its affiliated societies and branches. So, the important part of their work is permanent communication with head offices and establishing cooperation. The same situation appears when our companies want to establish their affiliated branches on the Danish market. And that is a problem: how to communicate. It is always more pleasant when you talk with a person in his or her native language. It also applies to business communication. In this case, you definitely need the services of an experienced Danish translator who speaks impeccable Danish, knowing not only all of its peculiarities, but also the mentality of this Scandinavian nation that differs certainly from ours. Exactly such professionals work in the translation agency  “KLS”. Our Danish translators in Kiev are considered to be the best in this sphere. They will help you implement:

  • translation of documents from/into Danish
  • interpretation from/into Danish

our agency will also provide you with:

  • escort interpreter for your business meetings and tourist visits;
  • interpreter abroad service in Denmark;