Translation to and from Estonian

Estonia is one of the Baltic countries located in the Northern Europe and bordering with Russian and Latvia. It has a stable economy, well developed import and export and is one of the EU, NATO and Schengen treaty members. Having finally received its independence, Estonia has achieved stability and for over 10 years now it demonstrates political order and serenity.

The everyday life of the Estonians is a bright characteristic of their mentality. For instance, they can vote by a mobile phone, and the number of mobile subscribers there is more than the number of people. Estonians never shake hands and are not talkative, although they have invented one of the most well-loved programs called Skype.

Estonia is also mud cure resorts, the best knitted items, delicious chocolate, waffles and marzipan and extremely expensive dentistry.  The capital of Estonia is Tallinn (talulinn), whose name translates as “house, mansion or castle”. Indeed, the municipal architecture is dominated by castles and towers.

And a few words about the Estonian language. 98% of people speak Estonian, although there are corners where Russian is mainly used. Estonian has no future tense, but instead boasts of 14 cases. And if we stick to the official approach, Estonian belongs to the Finnic branch of the Finno-Ugric language family. It is spoken by around 1.1 million people around the world. In writing, it relies on the Latin alphabet and its grammar is rather difficult. Moreover, dialects are used in different regions (15), and they might differ significantly.

If you have met Estonian in your life and do not plan on learning it, we will be glad to provide interpreting and translation services from and to Estonian for you. KLS translation agency works with only the most reliable specialists. And as Estonian is far not the most popular one among the languages used in Ukraine, we prefer working with native speakers directly.


We will be glad to provide:

  • Translation of documents from/into Estonian
  • Interpreting from/into Estonian
  • Services of an Estonian interpreter that will accompany you in Kiev and all over Ukraine during business trips and vacations
  • Services of an Estonian interpreter in Estonia