Translation to and from Georgian

Perception of Georgia and its people can vary significantly… For some, the first association to come to mind is The Knight in the Panther's Skin, for others it is Queen Tamara, and for the rest it’s good Georgian wine and the most famous mineral water Borjomi… But no one will argue that today, Georgia is a modern developed country, which has its important place at the world politic arena.

The Georgian language has its own ancient and exciting history, which starts at the beginning of IV century AD or even earlier. Back then, Georgia was called Iberia – the same as Spain – and even now linguists note that the language of basks has a lot in common with Georgian.  However, the latter is extremely peculiar and sounds unusual to a European person. It has no stressed syllables, and one word can easily have eight consonants in a row. Besides, one of its main characteristics is bright phonetic correlation,i. e. one sound can change the entire meaning of a word. That’s why you should first make sure the word sounds right and only then pronounce it to avoid confusion. This and other peculiar features make Georgian extremely difficult to learn. However, if you have business with Georgian partners, you will be obliged to stay in touch with them. To make your communication the most productive, we recommend you to contact professional interpreters of KLS translation agency.

We are happy to provide:

  • Translation of documents from/into Georgian
  • Interpreting from/into Georgian
  • Services of a Georgian interpreter that will accompany you in Kiev and all over Ukraine during business trips and vacations
  • Services of a Georgian interpreter in Georgia