Translation to and from Greek

Greece is the country in the Southern Europe, which has both continent and island territory, 80% of which is mountainous. Greek population counts more, than 11 mil. people, with 20% of them living on the islands. Greece is the third largest olives producer in the world. In addition, the touristic business is highly developed in the country (16% of GDP).

Greek words were actively borrowed by other languages. English is one of the languages, which are overfilled with Greek derivatives.

Greece is considered to be a developing country. Its contacts with the European countries are strengthening permanently. Consequently, the need for qualitative translation into the Greek language in Kiev and other Ukrainian cities is increasing. Qualified specialists of Translation agency “Kiev Service Language” are ready to help you. We have been working for 8 years and we know how to make every client satisfied. Meanwhile, we keep contacts with several translation agencies of Greek, so we can provide you with the needed professionals and offer only the highest services quality.

Our services include:

  • Translation of the documents from and into Greek
  • Notary certification of the translated Greek documents
  • Interpretation from/into Greek
  • Translation of websites from/into Greek
  • Greek translator accompaniment in Kiev and Ukraine during the excursions and business-trips
  •  Greek translator to travel to you to Greece 

The price for translation into Greek in our agency is determined individually for every customer. It will certainly depend on the original document. For example, the technical translation or another specialized one is more complicated. However, it shouldn’t bother you. Our aim is not to damage your budget. Translation into Greek in Translation agency “Kiev Service Language” is affordable for every customer.