Translation to and from Hebrew

Israel is a relatively young state, which acquired independence only in 1948. It is a unique country, which still exists without an officially adopted constitution and well-defined borders. In the meantime, the entire world is used to hearing about the Arab and Israel conflict, unresolved for half a century, which only aggravates with time. There are entire research institutions working on this phenomenon. However, the problem does not prevent people from all over the world from coming to Israel. There is hardly a single person who wouldn’t want to visit Mecca – the holy land of Christianity. Besides ancient Christian holy places, Israel has sights attributed to the famous Palestinian culture. Every Muslim knows the holy value of, for instance, Al-Aqsa Mosque and plenty of others.

Do not forget, however, that Israel is a developed country now, which gains momentum every year. Medical and touristic spheres have a special place here, offering a huge range of services. That’s why Israel is one of the most popular states among the European population, including Russia and Ukraine. Moreover, Israel exports agricultural products, including to our market. Tel Aviv and Kiev have already signed numerous agreements in infrastructure and construction, tourism and agricultural areas, and a public organization named Ukraine-Israel Business Councilhas been working for quite a long time already, aiming to create favorable conditions to conduct business on the mutual Ukrainian and Israel market. Multiple trading, financial, legal, construction and other companies have already joined it. 

The main problem a person willing to start business in one of the above mentioned areas will face is the lack of language knowledge. Some could argue this opinion, saying that English is widely spoken in Israel. It is true, of course. However, the country has only two official languages – Hebrew and Arabic. And as the European population dominates (taking around 70%), Hebrew is used far more often.

Not speaking Hebrew should not prevent you from doing business or attracting new clients. If you need a translation or interpreting service in Kiev, KLS translation agency is happy to offer:

  • Translation of documents into Hebrew and translation of texts from Hebrew
  • Technical translation from/into Hebrew
  • Interpreting from/into Hebrew
  • Translation of websites from/into Hebrew
  • Services of a Hebrew interpreter that will accompany you in Kiev and all over Ukraine during business trips and vacations
  • Services of an interpreter in Israel


We always deliver translation on time and at the highest quality level, which has already been tested by our clients. If you are looking for a specialist to provide you with Hebrew translation, contact us without hesitation.