Translation to and from Hungarian

Hungary has always been a reliable partner of Ukraine. In 1991 it supported our county in the struggle for independence in every possible way. Today we can admit the high level of the diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Hungary. Hungary can provide the assistance to Ukraine in the successful reforms implementation. Besides, in Ukraine, mostly in its western part, a large percentage of people speak Hungarian. So, if you suddenly decide to start the cooperation with people, who speak the Hungarian language, the Translation agency  “Kiev Language Services” will build a bridge to the complete mutual understanding between the two parties.

Our Translation agency can offer you the following services:

  • Translation of the documents into Hungarian and in reverse order
  • Interpretation from/into Hungarian
  • Translation of websites from/into Hungarian
  • Hungarian translator accompaniment in Kiev and Ukraine during the tours and business-trips
  •  Hungarian translator accompaniment in Hungary

We can speak a lot about the excellent Ukrainian-Hungarian relations, but the essential is that our specialists often visit Hungary during designing the atomic power stations. In this regard our translators often deal with technical translations from Hungarian and in reverse order. We can also guarantee the qualitative translations of medical, law, economic, constructive texts, etc.