Translation to and from Indonesian Languages

Need to translate documents to register a company in Indonesia?

Want to visit the country?

Going for a visit and need an Indonesian or Javanese interpreter to work at business meetings or a guide speaking one of the local dialects?

Going to enter the Indonesian market and need translation into the local language or dialect to boost competitiveness of your product or service?


KLC translation agency is ready to provide interpreting into Indonesian at a high quality level. We work with native speakers of the most wide-spread languages in Indonesia:

  • Indonesian – the most spoken and the only official language of Indonesia, considered native by over 210 million people living in all corners of the country. Scientists believe that Indonesian is a variety of the Malay language. It is used in paperwork, international communication, etc.
  • Javanese is the second most commonly spoken language of Indonesia, mainly used on the Java Island. It is not recognized as an official language although 84.3 million people consider it native.
  • Balinese is used on Bali and Lombok islands. Not so widely spoken in Indonesia, it does play a significant role in its functioning, especially in the tourism sector.

The total number of Indonesian dialects has been calculated to reach 170. They all belong to the Austronesian language family.


KLS translation agency provides the following services:

  • Translation from/to Indonesian/Javanese/Balinese
  • Interpreting in the territory of Indonesia, including by an accompanying guide interpreter
  • Translation of websites into Indonesian languages