Translation to and from Japanese

Do you know that there is a whole group of words in Japanese, used to avoid giving a straight answer? Yes, just like this, the Japanese don’t want to be rude or too sincere. However, sometimes it may cause problems. If in everyday life this is just a way to be polite, in business it leads to misunderstandings. You could miss a hint and be sure that the deal is signed, while your Japanese colleagues think that they made it clear: no other cooperation wanted. What should you do in such cases? How avoid difficulties? How is Japanese culture different? All of these questions can be answered in KLS language service. 

We offer services of oral and written translation into Japanese from Russian or Ukrainian and vice versa. Moreover, our specialists are not only certified translators. They also know the culture well and thus they are able to give recommendations concerning your successful communication with Japanese representatives. We are also in touch with language services in Japan and offer the best quality.

Services we provide:

  • translation of documents into Japanese;
  • notary certification of translated documents;
  • oral translation;
  • translation of websites;
  • translator abroad in Japan. 

Nowadays, Japanese has over 10 dialects, which are absolutely different from literary language, used by media. Thus, if while making a technical translation you would probably have to work with “normal” Japanese, novels can be written in the rarest dialect. It can also cause  problems to you, but not to our translators.  We have been offering such services for over 8 years. Our history includes hundreds of satisfied customers and fulfilled orders. For our specialists Japanese is one of the favourite languages as it requires not only philological, but also a great deal of cultural knowledge.

The cost of our services won’t leave anyone indifferent. Come and see it yourself!