Translation to and from Lithuanian

Lithuania is a country in Europe, situated on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. It boards on Latvia, Belarus, Poland and Russia. It is a UNO, EU and NATO member since 2004. Lithuania has developed woodworking, energy, mechanical engineering and metal working industry.    

Lithuania is a quickly developing country, its contacts with European countries are getting wider daily. That’s why high quality Lithuanian translation services are extremely wanted nowadays in Ukraine. Specialists of KLS translation bureau are ready to help you with this. We have been working in this field for 8 years and thus we know how to make every customer content. Moreover, we work with translation bureaus in Lithuania and that’s why we offer only the best services.

Our services include:

  • Translation of documents into Lithuanian from Russian or Ukrainian and vice versa;
  • Notary certification of translated documents;
  • Oral translation;
  • Translation of websites;
  • Escort translator services;
  • Translator abroad service.

The cost of translation into Lithuanian in our bureau depends on the original peculiarities. For instance, it is way more difficult to carry out technical translation as well as any other specialized one. However, you shouldn’t worry; we are not aiming at damaging your budget. Our translation services are affordable for everybody.