Translation to and from Malay

Malay is one of the most exotic languages in the world for the simple reason that it differs from other languages of the same group – the Austronesia languages. Today the Malays use Latin alphabet, although for many centuries they wrote in Arabic script. This can be explained in an easy way. For a long time, Malaysia was under the influence of the Kingdom of Great Britain, which primarily affected the major changes in the language on every level: lexis, grammar, syntax, etc. The guests of  Malaysia and other countries, where the Malay language is rather popular – Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore – like the newly-formed Menglish, a mixture of English and Malay. Its famous la has already become a byword among tourists of these exotic countries.

Experts with knowledge of the Malay language in Ukraine, in particular, in Kiev, are met very rarely. Regarding this, the translation into/from Malay may become a great problem. But in Translation agency "KLS" there are professionals who have repeatedly made various translations and interpretations of the Malay language  and in the reverse order.

We are always happy to help if you need:

  • translation of the texts on various topics into/from the Malay language;
  • consecutive and interpreting into/from Malay;
  • translating of web-sites into/from Malay;
  • support of the Malay translator in Kiev and Ukraine during the tours and business trips.

We offer high quality!