Translation to and from Polish

What country should Ukraine work with if not with its closest neighbor - Poland? Our countries cooperate in political and educational spheres, not to mention common organization of Euro 2012. In fact, contacts are getting wider a d that’s why Polish translation services are rather wanted nowadays, especially in the western regions of Ukraine. KLS language service is ready to provide you with high class translation to improve and broaden your business cooperation with Polish companies.

We offer oral and written translation services into Polish from Russian or Ukrainian and vice versa. Our translators are not only holders of degrees, obtained in Ukraine, but also native speakers. Moreover, we work with Polish translation bureaus, that’s why we dare say that level of translation in our bureau is much higher than average. 

We can offer you:

  • Translation of documents;
  • Notary certification of translated documents;
  • Oral translation;
  • Translation of websites;
  • Escort translator for your business meetings and tourist visits;
  • Translator abroad service in Poland; 

We are also ready to submit free sample translation so that you could see the quality yourself. It doesn’t matter which type of translation you need. We can cope with any.

Hurry up to get best quality at lowest prices!