Translation to and from Portuguese

Recently Ukraine and Portugal have celebrated the 20th anniversary of establishment of the diplomatic relations. Such a progress opens some new political and economic opportunities for both countries. Certainly this mutual cooperation has a great impact on the trade empowerment of these counties, not to mention the tourism, because it is well known that Portugal is among the countries, which our tourists admire so much.

Chances are high, that Portugal may become your business partner, and it is great, because it is developed country. Its light industry is one of the most evolved in the European Union. Sometimes signing the contracts and agreements might appear to be a great problem, though Portuguese is the 6th spread language in the world. Do not worry about this, because our Translation agency “KLS” will help you to understand properly and establish the contacts with your partners and guests. Our services of translations and interpretations from/into Portuguese are always of high quality.

We are always keen to help, if you need:

  • Translation of the documents from and into Portuguese
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation from and into Portuguese
  • Portuguese translator accompaniment in Kiev and Ukraine during the excursions and business-trips
  • Portuguese translator accompaniment in Portugal

In our agency you can order translation of the texts from and into Portuguese of any complexity and in any topic. Our translators made no once the translations of technical, medical, and legal and fiction literature from and into Portuguese. Moreover, we had a deal with translation of the manual for Tarot from the Portuguese language, where the religious terms predominated. But our specialists managed to do it successfully. Besides, you should pay attention to the operational efficiency of our translators: you will always receive your orders in time and even before, if it is needed.