Translation to and from Romanian

In spite of the Danube river Ukraine and Romania have a great number of common historical events. Romania borders with Ukraine in the North and in the East, and 13% of the Ukrainian population, mainly in Odesskaya area,  speaks Romanian. The Romanian language relates to the Indo-European family of languages, Romance group, Balkan-Romance subgroup. It is entirely possible that your partners are from Romania and you have faced with the need in the Romanian language. Meanwhile, when ordering the translation from/into Romanian, you should remember that Romanian is identical to the official Moldavian (based on the Roman script). That is why our translators of the Romanian language can also perform the translations from/into Moldavian. A lot of the Romanian people speak Russian, but to realize the core of the problem is necessary to understand each other clearly. Our Translation agency “KLS” exists exactly for this purpose.

We are always ready to help you with:

  • Translation of the documents from and into Romanian
  • Interpretation from/into Romanian
  • Translation of web-sites from and into Romanian
  • Romanian translator accompaniment in Kiev and Ukraine during the excursions and business-trips
  • Romanian translator accompaniment in Romania and Moldavia

We have a lot of experience in translating the texts from/into Romanian, and we always provide our customers with the qualitative and in time translations. Our translators are always ready to make for you the translations of  the texts in any topic, including agreements, contracts, medical certificates and personal documents.