Translation to and from Suomi

Finland (or Suomi) is one of the most developed European countries, which has joined the European Union in 1995. Its most profitable industries include metallurgy, heavy engineering, electronics, foresting, etc.

The Finnish language can’t be called widely spoken if compared to, say, Chinese. It is used by 92% of the Finnish population, being the only state language. Obviously, it is the language of business and judiciary, and also one of the official EU languages.

If you are planning to establish a co-joint Ukrainian and Finnish enterprise, preparing a packet of documents to enter one of the Finnish universities or simply want to visit this amazing country, you will no doubt need to use the services of a qualified Finnish interpreter and translator. We advise you to contact our specialists who are always happy to offer:

  • Translation of documents from/into Finnish
  • Notarizing of translated documents
  • Interpreting from/into Finnish
  • Translation of websites from/into Finnish
  • Services of a Finnish interpreter that will accompany you in Kiev and all over Ukraine during business trips and vacations
  • Services of a Finnish interpreter in Finland