Translation to and from Swedish

What should you do, if your suppliers, customers or business partners are located in the Northern Europe, to say, in Sweden (IKEA, H&M, Volvo, etc.)? You do not know Sweden, and they know neither Russian, nor Ukrainian? What kind of business communication is all about? Does it sound familiar? Then you are in the right place.

Translation agency “KLS” offers services of translation and interpretation from Swedish into Russian and Ukrainian and in reverse order. Our specialists did not only obtain the relevant education and degrees of the professional and certificated translators of the Swedish language, but also have the essential language practice with the native speakers, which allows us to offer the most qualitative services of translation. We also cooperate with the translation agencies and translators  in Sweden, that’s why we offer the best quality. Several companies have already used our service of translation from/into Swedish and have been quite satisfied.

We can offer you:

  • Translation of the documents from and into Swedish
  • Notary certification of the translated Swedish documents
  • Consecutive and simultaneous interpretation from and into Swedish
  • Swedish translator accompaniment in Kiev and Ukraine during the excursions and business-trips
  • Swedish translator accompaniment in Sweden

Swedish is one of the European Union languages, spread in Scandinavia. About 10 million people in Sweden, Finland and on the Aland Islands speak this language. It should be mentioned that the cooperation and the number of business contacts between Sweden and Ukraine are increasing as well as demand for the services of the translation from/into Swedish. Translation agency “KLS” is you reliable partner for communicating with the Swedish partners. Our prices are competitive. The quality is excellent.