Translation to and from Thai

Thai (Siamese, Central Thai) belongs to the family of the Thai languages. In Thailand, Thai is the national language: it is taught in schools and universities, it is used in the media and official documentation. According to the census of 1980, 47 million people live in Thailand. And about 80% speak Thai. Outside of Bangkok and the central plains there are such dialects as northern, southern and northern-eastern. In addition, in Thailand there are many ethnic minorities who speak languages that do not belong to the family of Tai. The Thais use a special Thai writing, which is very different from what is common among their close neighbors, say, the Chinese.

Not only language is special in Thailand, but also a culture that has its roots in ancient Indian Ramayana and Buddhism. These characteristics affect the mentality of the Thai people, their attitude to religion and life in general. Any relationships in the Thai society are built on a strict system of seniority: age, status, gender, etc. Despite these differences, each year Ukraine and Thailand strengthen business relations between two states. To be specific, cooperation in the tourism is thriving. And in other areas there is a lot of joint ventures and companies. The main thing here is that the language barrier should not stand against the  running a successful business on the territory of Ukraine, and Thailand as well. In this case, it is important to take into account all features of the language and mentality. Our Translation agency “KLS” offers professionals who do not only have the necessary qualifications of Thai translators, but also a significant practice of the Thai language and culture, and can smoothly translate documents into/from Thai of any complexity and in time. 

We offer you:

  • translation of texts on various topics from/into the Thai language;
  • consecutive translation from/into Thai;
  • translation of websites into/from the Thai.

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