Translation from/to Ukrainian and Russian

We offer services of written and oral translation from Russian and Ukrainian into English and vice versa. Our translators are high qualified specialists with diplomas and solid practice with native-speakers, that’s why we offer only the best service. It is possible to order any kind of translation in our bureau. Instructions, manuals, medical and legal texts, diagnoses, certificates, contracts, fiction or poetry – no matter what you need, we will do it. Moreover, as we work with languages services in America, there’s a great chance your translation will be done by a professional native speaker translator. Many companies have already worked with our bureau and they never regret it. We guarantee quality of our services.

We are glad to offer you:

  • translation of documents;
  • simultaneous and consecutive translation
  • notary certified translation;
  • translation of websites;
  • English speaking interpreter abroad

KLS language service stands for moderate pricing. Low cost of our work together with excellent quality is what makes us one of the best translation bureaus in Ukraine.