17 жовтня бюро перекладів КЛС надавало послуги усного синхронного перекладу на заході, присвяченому обговоренню прав людини ВПО, особливо що стосується впливу збройного конфлікту на їх дотримання. Порушувалися важливі соціальні та правові аспекти, пов’язані з конфліктом на Донбасі, як-от відбування покарань ув`язненими на непідконтрольній території, проблема житла для ВПО тощо.  

Одной из самых востребованных услуг на рынке переводов является перевод аудио- и видеороликов. Выполняется он в виде субтитрирования либо последующей озвучки.

26-27 сентября в Киеве прошел масштабный кулинарный форум RestArt 2018, где Бюро переводов КЛС предоставляло услуги синхронного и последовательного перевода с испанскогоязыка на русский и наоборот.

У період з 9 по 12 жовтня у Києві на території Міжнародного виставкового центру відбулась XV МІЖНАРОДНА ВИСТАВКА «ЗБРОЯ ТА БЕЗПЕКА – 2018».

Over 24th, 26th, and 28th July 2017, KLS Translation Agency provided consecutive Russian-Chinese interpreting services, as well as Chinese-Russian, during meetings between staff of the Ergopak corporation and their invited foreign specialist staff – who are assisting on equipment installation issues at the factory in the town of Kanev.  Ergopak are a well-known name, producing items for home use.

KLS Translation Agency has finished the project of translating a company website for Bali Bike Rental – a company that offers scooter and motorcycle rental on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The site has been translated for Russian-speaking users - from its English version, into Russian. Now site visitors can switch over from the English version to Russian in a single click, and quickly book the transport they need on their preferred dates.

The Hyatt Regency Hotel in Kiev hosted the 'Ukraine-EU: Integration In A Changing World” conference on 29th June 2017 – with simultaneous interpreting for the event attendees provided by KLS Translation Agency interpreters. During their meetings, Ukrainian and foreign diplomats discussed, and formulated their conclusions for rolling-out Ukraine's Euro-integration path. Speakers at the conference featured the Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Mr Hugues Mingarelli; the United States Ambassador to Ukraine, Mrs Marie Yovanovitch; and the Director of the Institute for World Policy, Alyona Рetmanchuk. Alongside these speakers, attendees had the opportunity of hearing opinion from the Ukrainian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Pavlo Klymkin; and Marie Mendras, a professor at the Paris School for Interntional Relations, along with other experts.

KLS Translation Agency has completed an English version of the Russian book 'The Ten Biggest Mistakes You Can Make (And How To Avoid Them)' - translated by a native speaker.  As the author says in his preface, the book is pitched towards thoughtful and attentive readers, who want to get inside the nuances of human nature. Having a native speaker provide the translation made it possible to preserve all the author's linguistic verve, as well as his characteristic style.

Between 24th and 28th April, the city of Uzhhorod hosted a Training Course about rail transport. Staff from the KLS Translation Agency provided simultaneous interpreting into English for all attendees. During the course, foreign experts invited from abroad discussed issues of providing safety for passengers, and provided training sessions about identifying risks at rail stations. The final day of the course offered the chance for trainees to display what they'd learned, and their skills and knowledge in a written examination.

On 28th May 2017, there was a filming session for the Vse Bude Dobre ('Everything wil be fine') TV program. As part of the program, Japanese guest Yayoi Katayama gave a description of the 'Otonomaki' therapy technique – which helps to relieve back pain. This specially-devised therapy, when practiced in groups, can help to improve the way you feel, and is primarily aimed at women during pregnancy.