Kyiv Language Services Translation Bureau has been translating and rewriting the text part of listings, both blurb and pitches, on the most popular site in the world for Internet trading, Amazon, for more than a year now. Given that the texts are intended for an English-speaking audience, in particular focusing on American English, we only hire native speakers from the United States to translate the listings. This is what allows us to provide the client with an understandable structure for the pitch, as well as for the style of the blurb.

In February 2017, the KLS Translation Bureau began a pilot project to translate poetry. Selected experts – all native speakers - interpreted verse from Russian and Ukrainian into their foreign language. Several translations of poems have now already been completed on different topics as requested by clients. We are keen to expand our experience of this kind of work, and we are counting on the equivalent interest by our clients.

A presentation of A.Sidorchuk's publication "Fight with Goliath: Reform of Party Finance in Ukraine" was held on 17 February 2017 in Kyiv. This research study on the interaction of politics and money is significant from the point of view of understanding contemporary democracy. The presentation included representatives of the Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation and the Netherlands Institute of Multiparty Democracy (NIMD), organizations that contributed to the publication of the study.

The Ukrainian capital hosted a seminar by Ulla Kiesling and Theresa Zach  on 22-25 January 2017, where the invited speakers were distinguished practicing psychologists. Ms. Zach specializes in psychomotorics and motor pedagogy, while Ms. Kisling is the author of a unique method of sensory integration of children with unusual developmental features. During all the four days of the seminar, KLS Translation Bureau professionals provided high-quality consecutive translation services from the German language and into German for the guests.

KLS Translation Bureau has recently completed work on translating the script of a film into English. Native speakers were involved in this work. It’s only native speakers with their intrinsic knowledge of all language subtleties, that can convey not only the content, but also the articulation intended within a script. If these stylistic nuances are missed, the entire screenplay may lose its artistic value, and so it’s incredibly important to preserve the meaning, and even the author's vocabulary embedded in the scripts, in the notes, and in the rest of the text.

To advantage of international markets when looking to publish books and to reach target audiences in other languages, translation of each book must be done with the utmost care. There must be no errors, not even occasional annoying cultural inaccuracies that will spoil the readers' appreciation of the literature as truly intended by the author, whatever it may be - academic, literary fiction, or reference resources.

While Andrzej Duda, President of Poland, was visiting Ukraine in early December, an international round table was held on 2 December, on the topic of  "Defusing issues in Ukrainian-Polish history" with the support of the Institute for World Politics,. The event was attended by MPs, academics, and experts on foreign policy issues. During the meeting, the participants discussed a number of difficulties that hamper the development of relations between countries related by their common history, and considered ways to overcome them. Simultaneous translation into English for the participants of the round table was carried out by KLS Translation Bureau staff.

Seminars dedicated to the provision of psychological assistance to military personnel took place in Lviv at the 4114th Military Base from 7 to 11 November. The event was attended by representatives of the National Guard, lecturers at Military Academies, and psychologists, working with a contingent of experts. The seminars were run by military psychologists and officers from medical units of the Amed Forces of Canada. The participants discussed working with the families of soldiers in captivity, decompression (coming out of a state of stress), reintegration, the activities of military chaplains and other issues. Simultaneous translation was carried out by professionals from KLS Translation Agency.

Meetings of representatives of Port Authorities were held with US experts in Ukraine, in Kyiv and Odessa, between 17 and 22 October. The topics of the meetings were the study the code of the US Coast Guard (USCG) and also issues of maritime safety in Ukraine and the world at large were covered. Workshops were held on "Controlling Access to Ports", "Security of Shipping" and other topics, which were completed on Thursday and Friday 22 October, when the audience gave their own presentations. Simultaneous translation at the US Embassy in Kyiv was carried out by professionals from KLS Translation Agency.

KLS Translation Agency has been working with Adidas to provide quality translation of their legal documentation. Legal translation is one of the most common and frequently requested of our services. International business is based on often very specific legislation and regulations, which are reflected in different types of documentation. When it is necessary to exchange documents, their absolutely accurate translation into the language of the business partner becomes essential.