Simultaneous interpreting is now widely used during conferences, seminars, congresses, and business meetings. Kyiv is the centre of political and economic activities, and in the capital alone, more than 300 agencies offer simultaneous translation services. But only the largest companies, such as "Trys", "Konkord Centre" and"ProfPerevod" are long-established in the market of translation services, and where you can ensure holding simultaneous translation events at a high level.

KLS  Translation Agency one of the few which has broad  successful experience in providing simultaneous translation into many European languages, as well as some Asian languages. The most popular is speech interpretation into English.

Simultaneous translation can be ordered in Ukraine for different types of events, which may be technical, financial, legal conferences, medical congresses, symposia,or even political negotiations. Such interpreting is carried out by highly qualified translators who have the appropriate accreditation and experience in the required field.

An important condition for the implementation of quality simultaneous translation is the availability of proper simultaneous interpretation equipment. Such high-quality equipment is produced by a number of different manufacturers. Infrared equipment stands out by being reliable and high-quality.

This is now popular because it’s effective. Conference systems can be both permanently installed in auditoria or conference rooms, or rented for the duration of the event.

Украине используются разного вида конференц-системы, это проводное и беспроводное оборудование. Аналоговые системы, относящиеся к проводному типу, не отличаются высокой функциональностью по сравнению с цифровыми, поэтому имеют низкую стоимость.

Ukraine has used different typesof conference systems, utilising both wired and wireless equipment. Analogue systems usually use fixed wiring which is is in now way as efficient in its levels of functionality when compared to digital systems, but therefore are still cheap.

Wireless systems have been increasingly used in Ukraine in recent years. The most popular are those with mobile receivers and systems using infrared transmission.

When renting equipment, our technical team travels to the venue of the conference and carries out  the installation of whatever technology is best. Standard equipment includes:

  • sets for participants;
  • a base unit for the conference system;
  • remote controls for the translator, corresponding to the headsets used;
  • a booth for the interpreter.

Optional equipment used at conferences includes the use of laptops, screens, projectors, and sound modules. How well the conference is perceived is very much dependent on the quality of the sound feed and images transmitted. Expensive equipment can also be rented.

Hundreds of successful voiced events regularly now take place in Ukraine, but all of them depend on joint work by highly skilled interpreters, and a technical team using quality equipment.