With the expansion of foreign economic and political relations, professional translators are becoming increasingly in demand. There is a growing need to produce competent translations of documents, and interpreting whether simultaneous or consecutive. Today, to advance in the market and improve its brand, a company’s advertising and marketing materials, brochures, videos, even entire sites, must be translated properly into the target market language or languages.  And then a simple translation is just not enough. Translated material demands adaptation of the information transferred to the cultural context of a given country.

What is applications software localization? Such comprehensive work demands the involvement of specialists such as content designers, professional programmers, translators and interpreters. All text on a site relating to applications software has to be translated, never forgetting that it will be essential to locate your site on search engines in another language in another country. All the work taking place for localization is done in stages. And don’t forget that any videos embedded in your site also require translation.

The localization of video is also a multi-level operation. We translate titles, all text, and all off-screen voicing. After agreeing with the customer, credits and other graphic information can be replaced. The next stage may also be the entire spoken material on an entire video.

Also, an essential  multi-disciplinary task is the localization of games, which needs both a linguistic and technological approach. In contrast to the localization of applications software, computer games need to be fully adapted to the cultural traditions of the target market country, and only then can we hope that they become popular hits.

When marketing requires that the diffusion of a product into a new market takes place, or any services need to be provided for presentations or participation in exhibitions, this  immediately raises the need for competent translation of all the marketing and promotional materials available to the market. The effect of competent localization of marketing material is extremely high, as a result of unencumbered and easier communication with potential customers or clients. The localization of advertising texts of a technical nature requires the use of narrowly focused specialists and engineers who speak the language.

KLS Translation Agency provides all the services you will need for the localization of software, marketing literature, promotional materials, videos, and computer games.