ЗМcompanyisafastdeveloping, multi-profileinternationalcorporationwith century-old history and traditions. It produces thousands of unique products and has leading positions in various production fields, starting from healthcare materials to home and office supplies.

Since 1976, 3М has had a confident place among the top 30 companies accounted in Dow Jones Industrial Average – the oldest and the most popular index of the American stock market.

The company invests in R&D, design and construction around USD 1.4 billion annually, and its specialists invent over 500 new products a year, which represent effective and cost-efficient solutions for its clients. The company produces over 50 thousand items of products, sold in close to 200 countries. The enterprise employs around 75 thousand workers, over 7 thousand of them working in the research area. 

KLS provides 3M company with translation services from English into Ukrainian.