The services of translators are today very much in demand, whatever area of our lives we look at. Often, communication between two or more people really needs consecutive translation by interpreters. These methods are characterized by mobility, by not requiring specialized equipment and the costs of this type of translation are very reasonable.

Consecutive interpretation services need to be used during interviews. And so KLS Translation Agency has now provided its interpreter for the Football TV channel, to bring alive an interview in Spanish with the Argentine soccer player Facundo Ferreyra, who plays for Shakhtar Donetsk. For the interview with Facundo Ferreyra, we used the professional terminology of football, to make absolutely sure we could convey the emotion felt by the interviewee.

Such interviews are considered to be public dialogues, which contain questions and answers related to a single topic. When translating such dialogue, the interpreter very much needs to convey emotions while at the same time maintaining  a neutral position. It’s important to know about and carry through the style of communication, rendering often very specific jargon, slang and even argot. That's why, for the completeness and accuracy of real communication, the translator should be in tune with such terminology and be capable to navigate such features of the language. We can nutmeg our competitors any time!

The KLS Agency employs only the best professionals for consecutive interpretation, who have the right experience for translating interviews, business meetings and conferences in any language.