KLS Translation Agency has recently been working with Naftohaz of Ukraine, the national oil and gas company, to provide services in translating documents from Spanish and into Spanish. In implementing the orders given us by the company, we have conscientiously worked hard to responsibly and efficiently perform the tasks set us. In working with documents from Naftogaz we use our design and methodology that can effectively and efficiently carry out all the necessary translations, with especial attention to specific terminology.

In our work we use specialized software that allows us to quickly and accurately translate documents, while engaging narrow profile specialists to carry out particularly complex orders when necessary. High-quality translation services contribute to quality implementation of contracts between Naftogaz and their partners, and we, in turn, contribute to a reliable and accurate supply of key information.

KLS Translation Agency is proud to always be a responsible partner and a reliable translator, as evidenced by long-term working relationships between us and not only this enterprise but also many other companies.