"Guidelines for response in areas where weapons of mass destruction have been used” is a small manual, which was created specifically for emergency services operating in hazardous areas, as well as representatives from law enforcement, fire services and medical services. Translated from English into Ukrainian and set for printing,the directory, although not an exhaustive source of information, is valuable since it contains the basic principles of interaction and describes the responsibilities of individual services.

Translation from English to Ukrainian language and the setting of layouts for printing is one of the areas of activity of our translation agency. We are working on a variety of information sources, including textbooks, books, reference manuals, instruction manuals, technical documentation, and catalogues. The quality of translation plays an important role in parallel with the work of designers, so we pay close attention to all aspects of the project, with the result that our customers receive material fully ready for delivery to a publisher or for reproduction or in-house reprographics as appropriate.