KLS Translation Bureau has recently completed work on translating the script of a film into English. Native speakers were involved in this work. It’s only native speakers with their intrinsic knowledge of all language subtleties, that can convey not only the content, but also the articulation intended within a script. If these stylistic nuances are missed, the entire screenplay may lose its artistic value, and so it’s incredibly important to preserve the meaning, and even the author's vocabulary embedded in the scripts, in the notes, and in the rest of the text.

KLS Translation Bureau has accumulated significant practical experience in translating a wide range of scripts: documentary films, including short and full-length feature films, and even games. All these translations have artistic content, and therefore require our translators to have a linguistic education and broad general erudition. Translation of your script by a KLS native speaker gives you a guarantee of a quality work, so please talk to us about your needs!