The Ukrainian capital hosted a seminar by Ulla Kiesling and Theresa Zach  on 22-25 January 2017, where the invited speakers were distinguished practicing psychologists. Ms. Zach specializes in psychomotorics and motor pedagogy, while Ms. Kisling is the author of a unique method of sensory integration of children with unusual developmental features. During all the four days of the seminar, KLS Translation Bureau professionals provided high-quality consecutive translation services from the German language and into German for the guests.

Our Bureau is always ready to tackle all kinds of written and oral translations, including consecutive translation into German and from German, which differs from simultaneous translation, in that the translator speaks alternately with the speaker. Working with KLS to provide translation services will inspire confidence in both the speakers and the audience because you know that the meaning of of what is said will be translated accurately, and mutual understanding will be achieved, regardless of the knowledge of the speakers or the audience of foreign languages.