On 28th May 2017, there was a filming session for the Vse Bude Dobre ('Everything wil be fine') TV program. As part of the program, Japanese guest Yayoi Katayama gave a description of the 'Otonomaki' therapy technique – which helps to relieve back pain. This specially-devised therapy, when practiced in groups, can help to improve the way you feel, and is primarily aimed at women during pregnancy.

During the filming of the program, consecutive Japanese interpreting was provided by specialist linguistic staff from KLS Translation Agency. They kept the conversation flowing between Ms Katayama and the program's presenter – allowing viewers to grasp the ideas behind the therapy technique, and understand how they could put them into practice. The extensive experience of our interpreters established a perfect and natural dialogue in the studio, as well as fully explaining the therapy ideas for all who are interested in the Otonomaki technique.