KLS Translation Agency has completed an English version of the Russian book 'The Ten Biggest Mistakes You Can Make (And How To Avoid Them)' - translated by a native speaker.  As the author says in his preface, the book is pitched towards thoughtful and attentive readers, who want to get inside the nuances of human nature. Having a native speaker provide the translation made it possible to preserve all the author's linguistic verve, as well as his characteristic style.

KLS Translation Agency provides a complete range of translation in many different languages. Clients are always sure to receive a top-quality result when working with us. Literary translations of books, stories, or novels by English native speakers are one of our bureau's primary activities. It's a service that's especially valuable when it's necessary to keep the author's writing style, along with preserving the subtleties of the foreign language – so that the book is easily readable and understandable.