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All types of translation services. 15 years on the Ukrainian market

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Written Translation

Our professional team is waiting to offer you:
  • Written translations
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Formatting
  • Review
  • Verification
  • Text localization
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Written translations from KLS offer:

  • Tight deadlines for order completion
  • Long or short texts
  • Materials for highly-specialized industries, to any degree of complexity, and translated in either direction
  • Full translation compliance with ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 standards, confirmed by Certificates of Compliance

Additional services on offer:

  • apostilization and legalization of documents
  • notarization of the translator’s
  • signature certification of bona fides
  • printing of translated texts
  • courier delivery
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Consecutive interpreting

Our interpreters working at tête à tête, negotiations, cultural events with a small number of participants, or conversations in everyday situations will accurately convey the meaning of your communication in two or more languages.
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We will find you professionals with the necessary linguistic and communication skills, who know:

  • basics of business etiquette
  • industry terminology
  • idiomatic expressions, cultural, historical and stylistic features of speech

Additionally, you can order:

  • Accompanying guide-translator
  • Meeting summarizing
  • Profile translation when communicating by phone or online
  • Translation (written) of oral materials
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Simultaneous translation:

We provide simultaneous translation services for meetings, forums and conferences of any scale, where participants communicate in two or more languages. Such a service requires special equipment and appropriate skills from translators (at least a couple of translators in special booths listen to speakers through headphones and talk into a microphone, which is translated into participants’ headphones).
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Simultaneous interpretation from KLS is:

  • Professional teams of simultaneous interpreters with professional responsiveness and clear diction and able to convey the speaker’s material with scrupulous precision to the audience, while respecting the functional style inherent in the relevant industry
  • Translators who thoroughly know the source and target languages to ensure an unambiguous understanding of the spoken language of native speakers

Additionally, you can order:

  • All necessary equipment for simultaneous translation – from headphones to booths
  • Written translation of oral materials
  • Remote interpretation by phone or online
  • Transcribing Audio and Video Recordings
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Rental of equipment:

We carry out delivery, installation and technical support throughout the country
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The rental of equipment for simultaneous translation from KLS is:

  • Modern models and technologies from leading world brands
  • for events up to 500 participants simultaneously in 5 halls.