Paperwork of any kind can be time-consuming, expensive and often simply exhausting. If you have a document in a foreign language you plan to use in Kiev, it will need to be translated into Ukrainian and the translation must be notarized. If you plan to use a document issued in Ukraine in another country, that document will need to be translated, have an apostille affixed to it or be legalized.

It may sound confusing, especially if you never had to deal with it before. We will help you with the entire process from start to finish, save you a lot of timeand money.
KLS language services offers

  • Certified translation,
  • Apostille, and
  • Legalization of documents

Apostille is a seal affixed by the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign Affairs to documents issued by their subordinate agencies. It proves authenticity of a document. The Ministry of Justice proves the authenticity of documents issued by judiciary authorities and courts, the Ministry of Education – of these issued by educational institutions, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – of any type of documents.

This seal must be obtained for any documents you plan to use in state parties of the Hague Convention of 1961. However, it can be used only for certain types of documents. For example, it cannot be affixed to documents issued by foreign diplomatic organizations, customs offices, and commercial organizations.

Legalization is another way to prove authenticity of a document but only for countries that do not have bilateral agreements with Ukraine on recognition of official documents.
Our skilled certified translators will translate your documents in the shortest time possible, and our staff will take care of the legwork required to get the translation notarized, obtain an apostille from the appropriate agency and/or legalize your documents.

You can order certified notarized translations and legalization of your documents on our website.