Apostille is a special seal affixed to non-commercial official records issued by organizations and agencies in state parties of The Hague Convention. Apostille certifies authenticity of seals and signatures and the position of the person who signed the document. This certificateis used to prove the legal effect of a document in foreign states. Ukrainian legislation provides for the following types of apostille:

1. By the Ministry of Education (diplomas, certificates etc.)
2. By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (official records etc.)
3. By the Ministry of Justice (certificates, court rulings, certificates etc.)

This service is rather popular in Kiev, however, one should keep in mind that apostille requires a certain procedure. Deviations from this strict procedure usually result in the loss of legal effect of a document. 

Another service we provide is legalization. Legalization of documents is required, if you want to use a document in countries that did not sign the Hague Convention of 1961. 

We provide services of apostille and legalization in accordance with all current legislative requirements. Kiev Language Servicesguaranteeshigh quality and quick turn-around.Our specialists will be happy to answer any questions you might have about this service.

Our apostille service is rather inexpensive while the quality of this service, as of all our other services,is high. 

You can order apostille and/or legalization of your documents in Kiev Language Serviceson our website or by phone at +38-044-229-3469.