A rare international conference today can go without simultaneous interpreting. Simultaneous interpreting means that the speaker does not have to make pauses and wait for the interpreter to render the utterances in the target language. In this type of interpreting, a team of interpreters is located in a boothand interprets the speech with about 5-second delay from the speaker. The audience wear headphones and the translation is transmitted into these headphones. This technique saves time and can cut the time of your conference in half or, alternatively give the attendees of your event much more time for networking and socializing. There is another additional benefit. The interpreting team being virtually invisible, your audience interacts directly with the speaker with no delays for translation.

This type of interpreting is very challenging for the interpreters both mentally and physically, that is why normally interpreters work in teams of two or even three, depending on the subject and the length of your event. The price of simultaneous interpreting is normally higher than that of consecutive and escort interpreting but considering the time you save and the ease with which your audience will be able to interact with the speaker and each other, you will save in the end.

KLS interpreters will be happy to assist you with all your needs in simultaneous interpreting. We hire only the best and we make sure the skill set of our interpreters matches the requirements of your event. Our professionals work in various language combinations with the main emphasis on the language combinations with Ukrainian/Russian languages. They will be able to provide you with interpreting support in virtually any language. We will make sure your event is a success!

Simultaneous interpreting requires special equipment. The quality of this equipment is extremely important. Even the most brilliant of speakers and the most talented and experienced interpreters will not be able to convey the message to the audience, if the equipment is faulty, noisy or requires endless adjustments throughout the day.

Our company is proud to have some of the best equipment for simultaneous interpreting in Ukraine. Our equipment is available for rent for any of your events. We can supply enough units for 500 participants in up to four conference rooms.

Even for this highly specialized service our prices remain competitive. We offer simultaneous interpreting starting at UAH 4,000 per day and equipment for simultaneous interpreting starting at UAH2,000 per day.

You can request a quote or place your order on our website or by phone at +38 (098) 077-96-97