Are you having a major event, such as conference or a symposium, with international speakers? In this case one of your greatest concerns may be to find equipment for simultaneous translation. No chance to get it at a fair price? Then we are expecting you at KLS language service.

Quality and variety are our main principles and we follow them in everything we do. We can provide you with all necessary equipment. Our range makes it possible to organize conferences with up to 500 participants in 4 or 5 halls at the same time. Moreover, our experienced specialists will help you to choose suitable equipment and operate it. Your meeting will be smooth and pleasant without any technical difficulties. 

But there is still something worth being mentioned. Our delivery system lets us supply you equipment not only in Kiev, but also in any other city of Ukraine. Having a conference in Donetsk? Not a problem! We will take your order there using our transport.

One of the biggest advantages of using our services is the price policy. We respect loyal customers and keep prices at decent level. It will be a pleasant surprise for you. Here you can lease equipment for simultaneous translation under the best conditions. It is only 3200 UAH for one day of a conference with not more than 50 participants. Besides, we are always ready to provide you with services of the most experienced interpreters.

You can lease equipment for simultaneous translation by placing and order on the website or giving us a call at  +38 (050) 939-35-38. KLS language service provides the best equipment in Kiev and Ukraine. Call now!