Legal translations require patience, perseverance and a great sense of responsibility. A translation mistake in most other fields can lead to problems, a mistake in the legal field can be catastrophic.

Today not only international companies require legal translations, and contracts are no longer the only widely translated legal document. Court decisions, legal action documents, wills, and even job descriptions are only a few examples of legal documents.

To do a good translation in this field, a translator must have not only mastered both languages, he or she also must have experience working in a legal firm or have a law-related degree. Our company is proud to offer you services of such skilled and experienced translators. We have been successfully working in this market for over 8 years and we can make sure your legal translation will be an asset, not a problem.

We can work with you on any document, from job descriptions to pieces of legislation, regardless of your location or language needs.

We offer competitive prices and a free quote for all your documents. You can place an order or request a quote on our website or by phone at +38-044-229-3469.