Literary Translation is a service we provide to both readers who would like to read a book which has not been translated into their language yet* and to authors who would like to have their work published in other languages.

If you are a reader, this service will allow you not to wait until the translation of the book you are interested in is finally published. Our translators can translate both fiction and non-fiction works to the highest standard.

If you are an author, our highly-skilledtranslators will be happy to work with you on translation of your manuscript into a foreign language. We know the importance of a good translation. This service will allow you to approach publishers and get your book published in other languages and countries.

KLS language services also provides translation of magazine and newspaper articles, conference materials, studies, and monographs* in virtually any field of art and science. Our competitively-priced services are available in any location in Ukraine. We provide a free quote for your translation as well as a sample translation of your documents on your request.

You can get a quote or place an order on our website or by phone at +38-044-229-3469.


* Please not that for works protected by copyright you will need to have a written permission of the copyright holder before we can start working on your translation.