Today, websites are the main asset of any company. They can determine the success of your business, the number of your clients and the popularity of your products. Any business and non-for-profit organization trying to reach international audience starts with translation of their website.

Our experienced translators will be happy to translate your website. KLS matches your unique requirements with a translator or a translator team with necessary skills to ensure perfect translation which reads as smoothly as the original.

In addition to website translation, we offer localization of websites. The difference between the two is that while translation simply renders the text of the original in your target language, localization will transform your website and make it culturally understandable for your target audience in a foreign country. As a most basic example here one could mention conversion between degrees Fahrenheit and Celsius, pounds and kilograms, miles and kilometers. However, localization is much more than that. It means explaining your product, service, or cause to your target audience in a foreign country.

KLS offers tailored translation and localization of websites at very affordable prices. The cost of every translation and localization project is calculated individually. You can request a free quote on our website or by phone at +38 (044) 229-34-69