We work with all European languages, as well as Middle East languages and those of Asia and the Far East(see list below). We also work with rare languages. If the language you need is not on the list, simply contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your translation and interpreting needs.

Services we offer free of charge
There are some services we provide inclusively, all as part of our support for our clients. They include:

  • Quote for translation of your documents in any format;
  • Sample translation of 1 standard page of your text (250 words);
  • Basic text formatting;
  • Glossaries created for your translation upon completion of the project to ensure continuity for large projects;
  • Translation print out, up to 25 pages;
  • Certification of translation by KLS;

KLS charges a minimum fee for translation and interpreting. This  means that even if your order is smaller than the quantities below, the minimum charge will be:

  • One standard page of text
  • Two hours of interpreting

You can request a free quote or place an order on our website, by email at office@kls.in.ua or by phone at +38 (044) 229-3469.